TTD – Tactical Takedown Rifle

TTD – Tactical Takedown Rifle


The Takedown series in H-S Precision’s Pro-Series® lineup are some of the most versatile and accurate systems on the market with patented technology. The TTD is available in a vast array of configurations. You tell us what you are looking for and we will build the rifle to your specifications.

This rifle is available from .204 Ruger up to a .458 Lott – and everything in between. Accessories and aesthetics are available to be customized. To get started building your H-S Precision Pro-Series® rifle, give us a call at 605-341-3006 or select from the options above.

Popular Configurations:
338 Lapua, 300 PRC, 308 Win

Every component of the TTD is made in the USA and manufactured at H-S Precision. For questions and consultations, contact us here.



Adjustable LOP
Pro-Series 2000 stainless steel action, long or short, right hand only
Pro-Series stainless steel floorplate with detachable magazine 4 rounds in the magazine box, SA calibers. 3 rounds in the magazine box, LA calibers.
Pro-Series 10X match grade stainless steel barrel, varmint contour fluted 24″ heavy contour.
Pro-Series synthetic stock with full length bedding block chassis system.
Metal finish – Matte Black Teflon.
Weight* – 11.25 – 11.75 pounds
Available in all standard SA SAAMI calibers
Non-Standard Configurations or Calibers may require an additional charge.

Most tactical situations happen in close quarters. The Pro-Series® TTD provides a unique solution for any tactical situation. With our patented interrupted thread design the TTD allows the tool-less assembly of multiple barrels in seconds.  The TTD when disassembled will fit into a much smaller case for ease of transportation and discretion.

This rifle features H-S Precision’s legendary accuracy guarantee with a repeatability guarantee of 1″ MOA.  For questions and consultations, contact us here.

Highlighted Features: 

  • H-S Precision Pro-Series® action with patented interrupted thread design (stainless steel; long or short action available)
  • H-S Precision cut rifled, match-grade stainless steel barrel (tactical contour; fluted)
  • Pro-Series® synthetic stock with full-length aluminum bedding block
  • H-S Precision detachable magazine feeding system (center feed design)

This rifle is available in right hand only. For detailed information, click the tab below.

NF = Non-Fluted Barrel Only