SPR – Sporter Rifle

SPR – Sporter Rifle



The SPR: Sporter Hunting Pro-Series® rifle available in a vast array of configurations. You tell us what you are looking for and we will build the rifle to your specifications.

This rifle is available from .204 Ruger up to a .338 Win Mag – and everything in between. Accessories and aesthetics are available to be customized. To get started building your H-S Precision Pro-Series® rifle, give us a call at 605-341-3006 or select from the options above.

Every component of the SPR is made in the USA and manufactured at H-S Precision.  For questions and consultations, contact us here.


Weight – 7.2 to 7.9 lbs. (actual weight depends on caliber and barrel length)
Overall length – 43.5" (24" barrel, 13 1/2 LOP)
Action – H-S Precision Pro Series®
Barrel – 10X cut-rifled nonfluted
Barrel contour – Magnum Sporter (.650" at the muzzle, 24" barrel length)
Stock – Composite, Classic Sporter, full length aluminum bedding block
Feeding system – Detachable magazine box

The SPR is the Pro-Series® traditional hunting rifle. This classic designed rifle is built with a non-fluted magnum sporter barrel contour for maximum balance and stability.

Highlighted Features: 

  • H-S Precision 10x cut rifled barrel
  • H-S Precision Pro-Series® action with 3-position style safety
  • H-S Precision detachable magazine feeding system (center feed design)
  • Traditional pistol grip
  • Full-length aluminum bedding block

This rifle features H-S Precision’s ½ MOA accuracy guarantee. For questions and consultations, contact us here.

Black $0.00 Black-Blue +$39.00 Black-Brown $0.00 Black-Gray $0.00 Black-Olive $0.00 Black-Pink +$39.00 Black-Pink Camo +$69.00 Black-Red +$39.00 Black-Spruce $0.00 Black-Tan $0.00 Black-Tan Camo +$69.00 Black-White $0.00 Black-Yellow +$39.00 Brown-Black $0.00 Desert Camo +$69.00 Granite $0.00 Grassland Camo +$129.00 Gray-Black $0.00 Green Camo +$69.00 Green-Tan Camo +$69.00 Olive-Black $0.00 Prairie Grass Camo +$129.00 Sand $0.00 Spruce-Black $0.00 Tan-Black $0.00 Tri Color Desert Camo +$99.00 Urban Camo +$69.00 Winter Camo +$69.00 Woodland Camo +$99.00 Custom Pattern +$229.00
Burnt Bronze +$175.00 Gray +$175.00 Olive +$175.00 Tan +$175.00 Black $0.00 Custom Color +$250.00

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