PSS105 – Remington 700 BDL Long Action (LH) Rifle Stock

PSS105 – Remington 700 BDL Long Action (LH) Rifle Stock


This stock features a traditional pistol grip and receiver-length aluminum bedding block. The action is still supported by the aluminum block–but in order to save weight, the block does not run out to the front swivel studs. (This stock comes standard with dual front swivel studs.)

Right Hand Available: PSS104

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Magazine: Remington BDL floor plate or H-S Precision detachable magazine
Barrel Contour: Aftermarket
Barrel Channel Dimensions: See Spec Sheet
Barrel Muzzle: .675" dia @ 24"
Grip Type: Semi-pistol, 1.61" at widest point
Overall Length: 31.1"
Bedding Block: Receiver Length
Comb/Cheek Rest: Fixed
LOP: Fixed
Forend Width: 1.47" at tip, 1.94" at widest point
Forend Shape: See Spec Sheet
Stock Body Width: 1.94"
Ambidextrous: Yes
Sling Studs: 1 rear, 2 front (2" spacing)
Weight: 2.15#, Official Average TBD

Fits: Remington 700 left hand, long action BDL with standard sporter/hunting barrel contour. This is our lightweight version of our traditional PSS016 sporter stock.