PHL – Pro Hunter Lightweight Rifle

PHL – Pro Hunter Lightweight Rifle



The PHL: Professional Hunter Lightweight Pro-Series® rifle is the ultimate pack rifle for sheep hunts and more. It is available in numerous configurations, and is a great set up for youth and women hunters, as well. You tell us what you’re looking for and we build the rifle to your specifications. 

This rifle is available from .204 Ruger up to a .300 WSM – and any short action caliber in between. Accessories and aesthetics are available to be customized. To get started building your H-S Precision Pro-Series® rifle, give us a call at 605-341-3006 or select from the options above.

Popular Configurations
7mm-08 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, 243 WSM, 270 WSM

Every component of the PHL is made in the USA and manufactured at H-S Precision. For questions and consultations, contact us here.


Weight – 5.75 to 6.25 lbs. (actual weight depends on caliber and barrel length)
Overall length – 39.5" (20" barrel, 13 1/2 LOP)
Action – Pro-Series®
Barrel – Cut-rifled, fluted
Barrel contour – ultra light (.290" at the muzzle, 20" barrel length)
Stock – Composite, action -length aluminum bedding block
Feeding system – Detachable magazine box

The PHL is designed to deliver maximum performance for the serious hunter in the most rugged conditions. Weighing in at 5.75 lbs, the PHL is the lightest platform in the Pro-Series® lineup.

Highlighted Features: 

  • H-S Precision Pro-Series® stainless steel action with dual lug bolt and 3-position safety
  • H-S Precision cut rifled barrel (20-22”)
  • Lightweight sporter stock with receiver-length aluminum bedding block
  • H-S Precision detachable magazine feeding system (center feed design) 4, 5, and 10 round capacities available; short action only

This rifle features H-S Precision’s ½ MOA accuracy guarantee. For questions and consultations, contact us here.

Black $0.00 Black-Blue +$39.00 Black-Brown $0.00 Black-Gray $0.00 Black-Olive $0.00 Black-Pink Camo +$69.00 Black-Pink +$39.00 Black-Red +$39.00 Black-Spruce $0.00 Black-Tan $0.00 Black-Tan Camo +$69.00 Black-White $0.00 Black-Yellow +$39.00 Brown-Black $0.00 Desert Camo +$69.00 Granite $0.00 Grassland Camo +$129.00 Gray-Black $0.00 Green Camo +$69.00 Green-Tan Camo +$69.00 Olive-Black $0.00 Prairie Grass Camo +$129.00 Sand $0.00 Spruce-Black $0.00 Tan-Black $0.00 Tri Color Desert Camo +$99.00 Urban Camo +$69.00 Winter Camo +$69.00 Woodland Camo +$99.00 Custom Pattern +$229.00
Burnt Bronze +$175.00 Gray +$175.00 Olive +$175.00 Tan +$175.00 Black $0.00 Custom Color +$250.00

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